ClearView Retractable Screens

ClearView Retractable Screen Doors are the only disappearing screen door with the patented safe-glide speed reducer.  Most doorways can easily be fitted to provide the perfect look you are sure to enjoy.  All screen doors can be modified for either left or right side entry.  The color-matched frames, along with a variety of threshold types will compliment the doorway and provide years of trouble-free and elegant service.  ClearView Invisible Screen Doors are available  as Single, Double or Sliding doors.

The “Safe-Glide Speed Reducer” is the only Patented hydrolic mechanism that protects fingers and avoids the unpleasant noise of a slamming door.  

ThePowder Coated Aluminum Housing” is formulated to withstand the toughest elements.  Custom built-housing and frames can be made for any dimension.  The Caps and Guides are UL-rated, color-matched and nylon parts will not crack or become brittle from exposure to the elements and are heat and UV-resistant.

ClearView doors come with either a “standard handle” or an “optional handle” fingernail friendly, powder-coated, metal handle.  They are UL-rated, color-matched and the nylon will not crack or become brittle from exposure to the elements and is also heat and UV-resistant.

Standard fiberglass screen mesh is available in charcoal or grey.  Solar screen mesh, which helps to eliminate up to 60% of the sun’s heat, is also an option and is available in black only.  Super screen mesh is also available in black or white.  It’s tough and more resistant to pet tears, puncture and is five times stronger than traditional fiberglass mesh.

Color options are available for the “Aluminum Housing and Frames” in the following colors: White, Off White, Almond, Bronze, Black, Navajo, Brown, Dark Brown, Green, Champagne, Grey, Wood-grain (custom colors available upon request).